Change Management

Change Management

Our Change Management activities focus on what matters the most – ensuring the employees are willing and able to change.

We help you to develop comprehensive and effective change strategies to address your specific needs, whether the change programme complements your entire organisational transformation or focuses on more transactional change programmes.

By focussing on behaviour change in these areas we help you to unlock how leaders in the affected workforces can encourage behavioural change, increasing the likelihood of success.

Our services encompass four main areas:

  • Change strategy: Defining the desired future state of your organization or function based on the change programme; and designing the change programme itself. We include specific initiatives in areas such as definition of essential behaviours, communications strategy, learning strategy and the approach to leveraging analytics and other appropriate technology tools and methodologies.
  • Behavioural Change: Helping you to define the desired behaviours from your management team, individuals and the organization as a whole; as well as putting in place a behavioural measurement and tracking capability.
  • Change Enablement: Conducting targeted interventions including stakeholder analysis; change impact assessment; change measurement and analytics; communications and stakeholder engagement; training and performance support; and alignment of organizational structure, culture and behaviours.
  • Change Tracking: Using analytics to guide successful change programmes by incorporating predictive capabilities to help your executives set a more successful course for change, monitor progress and take corrective action as needed.
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